Suffolk County is known to have some of the best beaches in New York. In fact,  Long Island has two beaches named number one in Dr. Beach’s Top Ten Beaches list.

Come experience the white sand and sunshine, plus the countless number of activities and events going on all year round. You could go kayaking along the coastline, take a charter out to whale watch, relax on an entertainment cruise or just soak in the sun with a good book.

Being surrounded by award-winning dining and live entertainment, chances are you can’t get bored in Suffolk County.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned professional or seeking out Long Island surf lessons — Suffolk County is a great surfing locale for beginners and professionals alike! There are several miles of beach to conquer with a mix of...


Beaches of Suffolk County, Long Island If you’re looking for the best beaches on Long Island, you should probably start in Suffolk County. Beaches here are famous for their white sands, variety of beach activities, unique restaurants and gorgeous sunrises...


Set sail from Bay Shore Marina on relaxed sunset Long Island dinner cruises or fun lunch cruises to our famed lighthouses aboard Suffolk County’s own turn-of-the-century style riverboat, the Lauren Kristy Paddlewheeler. If you’re in the mood for discovery, book...

Seal & Whale Watching

If you want to have your breath taken away on your Suffolk County vacation, sign up for a Suffolk County, Long Island whale watching cruise. Long Island is one of the top east coast whale watching destinations–you can get amazingly...

Water Sports & Rentals

Possibilities are endless for water sports and activities in Suffolk County. Go on a seal or whale watching tour, take a salt water fishing charter, or even rent kayaks and go exploring along the scenic coastline. And of course, there’s...

Scuba Diving

Underwater Adventure is a Suffolk County Specialty Whether you are just beginning to enjoy scuba diving or are an experienced diver, Long Island scuba outfitters in Suffolk County offer everything to get you diving in the ocean. Suffolk County dive...


Jutting out into the treacherous waters of the Atlantic Ocean Long Island’s Suffolk County holds a colorful history tied to the sea. Explore whaling and maritime museums; discover history and heritage, and climb to the top of a lighthouse where...

Kayaking & Canoeing

Suffolk County’s beaches are the best spots for kayaking and canoeing on Long Island. And if you don’t have your own craft, you can find Long Island kayak and canoe rentals at several of our shops and marinas. There’s nothing...