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Need some ideas to get you started on writing a great article about Long Island? Here, you’ll find information about some of our major attractions, including the Gold Coast region, golf, the Hamptons, Wine Country and our maritime culture. You can also contact our marketing and communications department. We’re happy to assist.

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Long Island’s “Gold Coast”
Long Island's North Shore is outlined by the Long Island Sound and tells a story of opulence, beauty and wealth to startle the imagination. Of historic significance as well, this region is dubbed the “Gold Coast.” Visiting the grand estates, preserves and museums along the “Gold Coast” provides priceless insight into an elegant past.

Golf: World Class on Long Island
Some of the finest golf courses in the United States can be found on Long Island. As evidence of this, top golf competitions that are nationally and world famous have been held at magnificent golf courses on Long Island, including Bethpage Black, site of the 2009 U.S. Open and the 2025 Ryder Cup. The private courses are worth checking out as well, and some offer the newest concept in golf – pay for a guaranteed tee time.

Beaches – You Don’t Have To Travel Far
Long Island has a shoreline to the south and north that glitters with beachfronts. For endless miles, the rocky and supervised beaches on the Long Island Sound offer sun worshippers their special domains. Not to be outdone, the limitless beaches on the South Shore touch the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, and many offer surfboarders the excitement they crave. Some of the beaches are federal preserves or parks while New York State supervises some of the larger beaches. Without a doubt, the Long Island environment possesses an unsurpassed variety of beachfront. Surf fishing is another dimension well served on Long Island.

Historical Sites and Museums
If ever any region in America were rich in historical splendor and filled with museums of diverse interest, few can boast the special opportunities presented by Long Island in this regard. Native Americans are still here on reservations open to the public periodically for Powwows, and the preservation of historic sites is an avocation filled with energy and momentum. Long Island has been the summer home of a U.S. president (the house at Sagamore Hill), and estates of the wealthiest families in U.S. history are restored, open to the public and some transformed into respected museums. Art, artifact, ethnic, aviation, whaling and marine museums are not difficult to find, and a spectacular planetarium with astronomy shows is a must-see travel adventure. Do not forget to stop at the windmills, historic lighthouses and agricultural preservations.

The South Shore: A Spectacular Region
From the miles of bright, public beachfronts with parking for thousands of cars to outdoor theatre, golf and sensational fishing opportunities, the Long Island South Shore provides infinite entertainment and recreational activities. All the way to the tip of Long Island at Montauk Point and back west following the shore that touches the Atlantic Ocean, travelers find tons of ocean fun.

Kid’s Fun
An exciting sample of Long Island adventure can be found on the east end of Long Island, where a water park, aquarium, a game farm and other adventures await. You can also head west where you’ll find an aviation museum, children’s museum and firefighter’s museum.

The North Fork and Peconic Region: It’s Wine Country
Settled by the Puritans in 1640 at an area we now know as Southold in the Town of Riverhead, this Long Island region has transcended its humble, though important, beginnings. Potato farms were the major crop of farmland out here, but grapevines were planted in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Today, in Cutchogue and its surroundings, the wineries have produced award-winning vintages to rival some of the best. The vineyards are open to the public and give educational tours combined with wine tasting (and sales). Folk life preservations, museums, an excellent aquarium, and sport fishing centers add to the adventure here for travelers.

The Hamptons: For Some It Is “Camelot”
A famous Long Island region anyone can enjoy is the East End, also known as The Hamptons. This area is a stepping-stone to a dream world worth visiting and is definitely not the world’s best kept secret. It is a haven for “the rich and famous,” replete with history, sensational shopping and celebrities going about their daily routine – and having gala parties – and loving their spectacular estates. A tour through The Hamptons is for the fun-loving, the artistic, the avant-garde, and for wide-eyed family enjoyment.

Long Island Wine Country
Travel out east on Long Island and find a remarkable region that gains in popularity and fame each year – the wine country! There are at least 30 wineries on Long Island’s North Fork alone, and these produce award-winning wines. The South Fork is also home to a number of wineries. International travel or trips to the West Coast are no longer the only way to see actual wine production. The wineries of Long Island have tours and tasting rooms and music on decks. Perhaps it is the soil or the climate between two large bodies of water that temper the atmosphere. Whatever the reason, the wine industry on Long Island continues to thrive and is well worth a visit.

Bed and Breakfasts
Although most of the nationally famous motel and hotel chains have places on Long Island, a traveler may want to experience a different type of treat. From the high feather quilts in aroma-filled, sweetly decorated rooms to the morning feasts, B&B’s are often a different way to go. Creative fruit dishes, home baked breads and gourmet creations that elevate the spirit are standard fare at the B&B’s. They provide a wonderful wake up for a traveler.

The History of Long Island, the Largest Island Adjoining the Continental U.S.
Historians can go back to the Ice Age and find much to say about the land formation known today as Long Island. When glaciers receded, brave people who hunted and fished and gathered from a rich land traveled on to Long Island. Their ancestors are still here. European settlers offered the next population wave that would change Long Island forever. There were also wars, especially the American Revolutionary War, which brought to the area great politicians, military dignitaries and simple folks who would come to till the land and start business development. America depended on shipping that sailed through the Long Island Sound and along the Atlantic coastline. It is also home to the first suburban community, Levittown.

Seafood Restaurants, Of Course on Long Island
With so much water all around, it is no surprise that Long Island possesses some of the best seafood restaurants in the country. Fresh is the key combined with other local ingredients and wines.