Hello and welcome to the Discover Long Island Travel Blog, where some of us here at the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau and Sports Commission try to provide the insights you’ll need to get the most out of your time spent here.

About Long Island, New York…

There is simply no quintessential Long Island experience. It can be a classic relaxed vacation including a relaxing stay in a quaint village by one of our beautiful beaches. But why settle for one experience? In our 118 miles we have plenty to see, and so much going on, that there is sure to be something perfect for you or your family. Take to the sea on a fishing excursion, or to the sky in a lavish flight to the Hamptons if that’s more your thing. Maybe you like hiking or cycling our countless miles of paths… escaping. Got kids? There are children’s museums, an aquarium, a water park and more. Or perhaps you’re a history, art and culture buff? You won’t be bored here with museums dedicated to aviation, railroads, whaling, maritime and more. Come explore. That’s one of our main goals here, to get you going where you want to be… and helping you make some memories that will last a lifetime.

We hope this blog can help.

I’m Matt Power and it’s my express job in the bureau to supply information to those seeking it, and for me this blog is really an extension of that. When I have the opportunity to speak with people while working a travel, trade or other promotional show, I find myself opening with a question someone once asked me in the same context. ‘What do you like to do?’ I grew up on Long Island, have lived on some part of it for my whole life, and until I began work at the Long Island Convention and Visitors Bureau, I realize, I hadn’t even scratched the surface of all it offers. There is something for everybody. It’s just a matter of pinpointing what and where!

KKM08123I’m Kristen Matejka and to me there’s nothing better than getting out year-round and finding something new to do on Long Island.  It’s like a mission for me to explore and see as much as possible. Whether it’s kayaking some hidden cove (and coming across a blue heron or an osprey); wandering the stately halls and gardens of our Gold Coast mansions (imagining life in Gilded Age New York); exploring a 300-year old Sunken Forest on Fire Island; seal watching on a winter beach; or conquering my fear of heights at the top of a lighthouse… there are so many interesting things to discover here. All this in addition to the museums, golf, sports, history and unbelievable local food and beverages to sample.