George Washington's Spy Trail

Long Island’s Culper Spy Ring 

The Spy Ring is credited by General George Washington as being a leading factor in turning the tide of the American Revolution. Historic sites on Long Island take you back to the days of 1778 when Long Island was a hotbed of intrigue under British military occupation. A group of local patriots, determined to assist George Washington win the American Revolution, formed the Culper Spy Ring. These men and women risked their lives working undercover and helped General George Washington win the war. Visit the houses where secret messages were written in invisible ink and travel the Washington spy trail map. The AMC series TURN was based on actual events that took place on Long Island during the late 1700s.

Spy Trail Sites

Sagtikos Manor

Built in 1697, and expanded in 1772 and 1902, the estate served as headquarters for the British Army on Long Island for a…

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