A Historic Day in Setauket/Three Village

Setauket is part of a quaint, historic "Three Village" dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries located near Stony Brook, the site of the Culper and American Revolutionary War spy ring organized by George Washington. Setauket is packed with great restaurants, cultural events, and is home to Bagel Express, the perfect spot to get an iconic Long Island bagel. 

Bagel Express prides itself on standing out in a crowd. Check out their wide array of breakfast and lunch options and be sure to try a bacon, egg, and cheese. You’re not a true Long Islander until you’ve ordered a BECSPK (bacon, egg, and cheese, salt, pepper, ketchup)!

Learn about the Culper Spy Ring at the Three Village Historical Society where they have an entire day dedicated to George Washington’s spy ring. Other landmarks include the Old Field Point Lighthouse, the Thompson House, Sherwood-Jayne Farm, and famous Battle of Setauket Presbyterian Church.

For a downtown experience, head over to the Three Village Inn for dinner at Mirabelle Tavern and a stay overnight at the Inn.