Award Winning Chefs

Long Island cuisine centers around locally-sourced ingredients thanks to an abundance of farms, fishermen, gardens and vineyards. Meet some of the innovative top chefs in New York who bring their creativity and diversity to Suffolk County restaurants with some of the finest dishes in the country. Each of these award-winning chefs stresses the importance of supporting local farmers and incorporating as many locally grown fresh ingredients into their Long Island cuisine as possible.

Claudia Fleming Hayden

Claudia Fleming-Hayden was born in Brentwood, New York and dedicated most of her first twenty-five years to the pursuit of a…

Guy Reuge

Born in Normandy, France and raised in the Loire Valley, Reuge began his culinary career at the age of 14 with a three-year…

Tom Schaudel

Tom Schaudel has made a career of bringing extraordinary cuisine to area restaurants, including ALure and A Mano.

Michael Meehan

Michael Meehan served at executive chef at H2O Seafood Grill in Smithtown for five years, although he recently…