On December 5, 1933, the nationwide ban on alcoholic beverages was repealed through the passage of the 21st Amendment, and America was free to consume alcohol once again. Since then, the date, each year, is known as National Repeal Day. This year, December 5th officially marks 90 years since prohibition ended.

As an island on the Eastern Coast of the U.S., Long Island, NY was primely situated to intercept ships holding the precious cargo of liquor from the Caribbean Islands during this infamous time for our Country. Dubbed Rum Row, a “city” of ships sat just three miles off the coast of Long Island transacting in the illegal sale of liquor in international waters, avoiding the U.S. law.  These “bootleggers” would throw their cargo overboard, letting the cargo float onto shore with the incoming tide as Long Island recipients would wait on the shore for their goods to arrive.

While nearly a century has passed since the prohibition era, to this day, the region has multiple bars and restaurants that fit the bill when it comes to searching for the perfect speakeasy-styled night out!


Just in time for this year's anniversary, we’ve compiled a list of some top prohibition/speakeasy-vibe bars and restaurants where you can celebrate!


Chops Steakhouse (Patchogue)

This premier steakhouse is a prohibition era, speakeasy themed restaurant that will bring you straight back to the days of swing music, bootleggers, and flappers. The menu includes the finest dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood creations, a world class bourbon selection, and an array of creative infused cocktails.

Insider’s Tip: Chops Steakhouse is hosting a Golden Age Gala on Tuesday, December 5, to celebrate 90 years since the end of prohibition - $200 per guest.


Charlotte’s Speakeasy (Farmingdale)       

Through the secret bookcase door, just past the frozen yogurt handles of the Charlotte’s Desserts façade, lies Charlotte’s Speakeasy - a restored authentic speakeasy from the historic era of Farmingdale Village. Visit with friends for cocktails and jazz entertainment along with light bites.


Alibi Lounge (Farmingdale)

This hidden gem in Farmingdale gives the vibe of an intimate, speakeasy themed lounge filled with a prohibition era atmosphere. Perfect for a night out with friends to enjoy specialty craft cocktails. This location also offers frequent open mic comedy nights, comedy shows, pop-up themed events, and more.


Repeal XVIII (Huntington)

This bar in Huntington is a celebration of the Repeal of the 18th Amendment & the end of Prohibition. Check out the cozy and vintage two-room lounge area, with rustic bars and an outdoor beer garden. Enjoy happy hour or a private event with craft cocktails and food, while hanging out on the couches by the piano, pool table, dart board, giant jenga, large screen tv’s & more!


Founder’s Room (Huntington)

This hidden, exclusive, and private room experience inside The Paramount Theater is for members only. A membership to the Founder’s Room speakeasy lounge is for those who love music, who are passionate about their concerts, and those who yearn for the chance to see and be seen with music’s greatest artists. This hidden gem is filled with a nostalgic urban feel, reminiscent of the early days of modern music history.


Claudio’s Tavern & Grill / Claudio’s Waterfront (Greenport)

Claudio's Restaurant is the oldest same family-owned restaurant in the United States and is a historic landmark. During the Prohibition era, this waterfront spot in Greenport became a fine dining restaurant on the ground floors with a lively upstairs bar for imbibing illegal spirits. Alcohol was brought in by bootleggers via boat, through hidden trap doors behind the bar, one of which still exists to this day. Today, the Victorian style bar on site showcases historic artifacts and photos from the early 1900’s, keeping the speakeasy vibe alive.


Brix & Rye (Greenport)

This neighborhood bar in the heart of downtown Greenport is a hidden underground gem, disguised by its façade of a simple storefront. However, once you walk inside and enter the basement, you’re met with a low-key, casual, old-fashioned bar setting that specializes in classic cocktails. The drinks are fancy, but the vibe is relaxed & welcoming.


Prohibition (Port Jefferson)

Priding itself on serving “illegally good” food and drinks, this prohibition era-decorated restaurant offers a long menu of delicious options, from signature and seasonal cocktails to specialty brunch items and your typical bar menu food choices, to even late-night snacks. Into Karaoke? Prohibition is a popular spot for themed karaoke nights, such as country, 90’s, Taylor Swift, and more!


Jedediah Hawkins Inn Speakeasy (Jamesport)

The Speakeasy at Jedediah Hawkins Inn is a sanctuary with flagstone walls and old brick and timber from the barn. Some claim that Jedediah Hawkins was an abolitionist, and the house was a stop on the Underground Railroad. There are unexplained secret passages and trapdoors, which lend support to the stories. Learn more about the Inn’s history while enjoying a glass of wine or a cocktail paired with a bite from a casual pub menu.