Visit Long Island and find out why so many authors and poets found inspiration here.

Among the most famous authors from New York is Walt Whitman, who grew up in a small farmhouse in West Hills, Long Island, now open to the public as the Walt Whitman Birthplace & Interpretive Center. Whitman was part of the movement that bridged realism and transcendalism, and has often been called the ‘father of free verse.’

While here on Long Island, you can also roam the streets of Northport, a quaint fishing village on Long Island’s North Shore, where Jack Kerouac once lived. Kerouac is widely known for his book “On the Road,” which defined the 1950s ‘Beat Generation.’ He moved to Northport in 1958 to try to escape the fame that his growing notoriety had brought him.

Other famous authors who centered their work on Long Island include F. Scott Fitzgerald and Nelson DeMille, who were both drawn to the Gold Coast region on Long Island’s North Shore to create some of their most famous works.