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The Long Island Doctor Who Convention

November 12, 2015

The Long Island Doctor Who Convention is back for its third, record breaking year!

L.I. Who, which has grown out of its original venue and in to a new home at the Hyatt Regency in Hauppauge, is running this November 13th, 14th, and 15th. Once again we have an extensive guest list highlighted by Doctor Who celebrities from the show’s full 52 year history. This year we expect to have nearly 2,000 attendees, almost double our previous attendance. Last year attendees traveled from 48 of the 50 United States and many foreign countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and Pakistan.

Our guests range from Carole Ann Ford who played the very first companion Susan Foreman to more recent characters like Dan Starkey who plays Commander Straxx in the current series.  The Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann is coming to L.I. Who to celebrate his birthday with the fans!  The Guest of Honour for L.I. Who 3 is none other than the legendary Derrick Sherwin, the producer from the Second Doctor’s era in 1969. (See the full guest list here: Guests)

A wide range of tickets are still available in limited numbers, and can be found at can be found here: Tickets
Single day passes:
Friday $45 adult  $35 child
Saturday  $60 adult  $35 child
Sunday  $40 adult  $19 child.

Some programming highlights for this year’s convention:



The Sontaran: Dan Starkey is Strax
Dan Starkey, best known for playing the Sontaran Commander Strax, is interviewed.

Timelord Timeline
Join us for the Time Lord Timeline to celebrate 52 years of Doctor Who fashion and fun!  With 52 years of characters, this will be a cosplay event to remember!

Series 9 So Far
We’re only 2/3 of the way through Series 9 but we’ve seen Missy, undersea bases, Vikings, and much more. How is it going? How are the Doctor and Clara faring? What are the great moments? A discussion of the latest season.



Gallifreyan Jeopardy
Show off your Doctor Who mastery in this quiz style competition! The winner will get an awesome prize from the Whovian Librarians of Suffolk County.

Colour Separation Overlay: The Evolution of Ethnicity in the TARDIS
We discuss and celebrate the evolution of ethnicity in the Whoniverse with actors Noel Clarke and Nina Toussaint-White. We will look at how the show adapted to reflect the multicultural world we live in today and how we would like to see more diversity in the TARDIS and beyond.

Friends of the Ninth Doctor
A reunion of the Ninth Doctor’s friends: Camille Coduri who played Rose’s mother Jackie, Noel Clarke who was Rose’s boyfriend Mickey Smith and Annette Badland who played Margaret Blaine, a Slitheen.

Rebel Timelord Air Guitar Contest
Contestants can jump, do splits, strum windmill style and stun the judges with the most bombastic Rock n Roll pretend guitar playing that their imaginations can conjure up.


Saturday and Sunday

The Doctor Puppet Screening
Doctor Puppet is the hit Doctor Who fan series made by a team of professional artists and musicians. A screening of the first 6 Doctor Puppet episodes, including the world premiere of the brand new 7th episode, followed by a quick Q&A.



Assembly of The Daleks
Dalek builders assemble and meet the fans – but please do not “Exterminate!”

Charity Auction Benefiting the Little Flower Educational Foundation
All weekend you can attend this Charity Auction and bid on items to benefit a good cause.

Hooked on Classics
Sunday afternoon we salute the classic companions: Carole Ann Ford, Frazer Hines, Wendy Padbury, Katy Manning, and Janet Fielding.

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