Long Island farm stands sell just-picked produce, local vineyards turn out award-winning wines, fresh-caught seafood adorns many a Suffolk County plate – even our very own Long Island potato chips are made right here in Suffolk County. From our local restaurants to pick-your-own fruit farm attractions, the local farm-to-table culture has become a point of pride here in Suffolk County.

Long Island farm stands are a common sight and are great for fresh-from-the-farm fruits and vegetables, home-baked goods and other interesting wares. For those who want to skip straight to the source, there are more than a few “pick your own” fruit farm operations and vegetable patches in Suffolk County as well – few things are better than savoring your own hand-picked harvest.

Visit Long Island’s Suffolk County and enjoy flavors you won’t find anywhere else, from handcrafted wines to delicious Long Island potato chips. Plan an unforgettable culinary vacation to Suffolk County today!

Produce Stands

In Suffolk County, Long Island, farm stands dot the roadsides and make for serendipitous stops to savor in-season peaches, tomatoes, berries, apples and much more – check out the photo gallery on the right to get an idea of what...

Pick Your Own

Want to play farmer? Suffolk County is home to a wide variety of pick-your-own fruit farms and vegetable patches. Enjoy a bit of farming and fresh air as you stroll through local pick-your-own apple orchards, peach orchards, berry farms, pumpkin...

Organic Farms

Visit Suffolk County, Long Island and experience delicious produce from some of the top organic farms in New York. Many Suffolk County farmers have adopted organic agriculture practices in growing a wide range of crops, from beets and berries to...

Farmers Markets

Does the thought of a freshly picked juicy red tomato make your mouth water? In need of fresh herbs harvested today? Want to savor some sweet Suffolk County, New York honey? This glorious bounty and much more can be found...

Famous Seafood Poultry & More

Where better to get the freshest seafood than from Long Island’s Suffolk County? Surrounded by water, the region is known for its rich ocean bounty. From local stripers, flounder, bass and swordfish to locally harvested oysters and Peconic Bay scallops, the...