New York City

Many visitors to Long Island’s Suffolk County take advantage of its close proximity to New York City by taking day trips to the city. It’s not just because it’s more economical to find a hotel stay in Suffolk County and take public transportation to NYC. Visitors know that staying in Suffolk County offers a broader range of experiences that will put them on sparkling ocean beaches; sampling the vintages at a local winery; roaming the fairways of our spectacular golf courses; and hiking the bluffs and dunes of area parkland.

Then a trip to New York City to see its famous landmarks provides travelers with a diversity of opportunities unparalleled anywhere. You could literally visit the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building or see a matinee Broadway play and be back in Suffolk County in time for dinner and a barefoot stroll on the beach as the sun is setting.

New York City is easily accessible via the Long Island Rail Road.

Or, there are several other transportation options including luxury buses and quick flights via private charter