With more than 2,000 square miles of land and waterways to explore, you can be sure there’s a lot to love about Suffolk County, Long Island. You can drive, hike, bike or paddle around the island on our many trails, beaches and waterways as you discover the real spirit of Long Island on an idyllic New York day trip.

As you hop from location to location, you can play, shop, dine and be entertained in our quaint and historic towns, visit home-grown farmers’ markets and enjoy wine tastings and tours at local vineyards. Dive deep into the ocean or play on white sandy beaches – it’s all right here in splendid Suffolk County.

Find out all about our local regions and the unique and special offerings Suffolk County has in store for you.

South Fork

Perhaps one of Suffolk County’s best known regions is the South Fork/Hamptons region. The Hamptons are known world-wide as the relaxed, laid-back summer vacationing ground of the rich and famous. All are welcome to come and enjoy this beautiful region;...

New York City

Many visitors to Long Island’s Suffolk County take advantage of its close proximity to New York City by taking day trips to the city. It’s not just because it’s more economical to find a hotel stay in Suffolk County and...

Shelter Island

Nestled between the North and South Forks (although technically classified as part of the North Fork region) is Shelter Island. A tiny island accessed only by ferry from either Greenport on the North Fork, or North Haven on the South...

North Fork

Visit Long Island Wine Country on Suffolk County’s North Fork and you’ll find more than three dozen wineries open to the public for tastings and tours. Many of these North Fork vineyards feature regular entertainment, ranging from food pairings and musical...

Fire Island

To visit Fire Island just off the South Shore of Long Island is a journey to an unspoiled, pristine wilderness along 32-miles of dazzling white sand that features some of the most pristine beaches in New York State. That wilderness,...

South Shore

A visit to Suffolk County’s South Shore conjures up imagery of the summer sun, sand and surf. With miles and miles of white sand beaches, the South Shore welcomes visitors to come and play at its shore. There are many...

North Shore

The winding roads, high bluffs and historic villages of Suffolk County’s North Shore meander through a history filled the whispers of spies during the Revolutionary War; the shadowy dealings of rum-runners during Prohibition; and the exuberant parties of New York’s...

Local Chamber of Commerce

Need assistance planning your visit to a particular town in Suffolk County? Contact a local chamber of commerce. Long Island chambers of commerce will connect you with local businesses. Contact one of the area chambers below to learn about restaurants,...

Regional & Local Tourism Promotion Agencies

Planning a visit to one of Suffolk County’s local communities? Be sure to contact an area Tourism Promotion Organization to assist you with planning your visit. They’ll be happy to assist you in finding things to see and do in...

Free Travel Guide

Want to start planning your next trip to Suffolk County, Long Island? Whether you’ve visited before or not, our free travel guide can help you choose the right lodging, dining and attractions to make the most of your vacation time...