Logo 2The top Long Island restaurants can be found in Suffolk County, where the word “fresh” takes on a different meaning. Here, the menu’s ‘catch of the day’ was likely hauled in that morning from the waters off our Island shores, prepared and served with vegetables – picked from a nearby farm – seasoned with herbs from the garden then paired with a Pinot Grigio from a vineyard just down the road.

For those who enjoy finely-crafted beverages, Suffolk County, New York is paradise. With over a dozen Long Island brewery operations, fifty wineries and even a distillery that uses locally-grown potatoes, you’re sure to find your drink of choice (or even a new favorite) here in Suffolk County. See our Interactive Long Island Craft Beverage Trail Map.

And that’s not just at the top Long Island restaurants–much of the dining culture here in Suffolk County revolves around locally-sourced, farm- and ocean-to-table meals that are the freshest you can eat at any price.

While here you’ll breathe in the sweet and salty East Coast air, find local ingredients at our farm stands and sip the latest vintage at our wineries. Whether it’s a sophisticated seafood shack, Italian bistro, American steakhouse or sushi bar– you’re sure to find your favorite cuisine at the perfect restaurant to satisfy your curious palate.

Find an abundance of great information about Suffolk County restaurants, fun food festivals and  events,pick-your-own farms, wineries, breweries and more, then start planning your next delicious food vacation!

Long Island was also named one of the Top Ten Wine Regions in the World, and has two beaches ranked number one on Dr. Beach’s Top Ten Beaches list.

Discover the many flavors of Suffolk County, New York. Embark on your culinary adventure at any of the great Long Island restaurants, farms or wineries.


Want to try an adventurous oyster dish or the best watermelon salad? Recipe ideas from Long Island chefs will inspire your cooking the same way a vacation can rejuvenate your soul. Suffolk County’s top chefs love to use our local...


Suffolk County’s farm- and ocean-to-table culinary culture offers an enticing dining experience that serves up some of the finest, freshest flavors at the most fun restaurants on Long Island. This kind of dining experience isn’t just limited to the very...

Award Winning Chefs

Long Island cuisine centers around locally-sourced ingredients thanks to an abundance of farms, fishermen, gardens and vineyards. Meet some of the innovative top chefs in New York who bring their creativity and diversity to Suffolk County restaurants with some of...

Festivals & Events

Great food should always be shared. That’s the idea behind Suffolk County’s myriad annual food festivals and events, such as the Long Island Seafood Festival held annually on the last weekend of August and Long Island’s Restaurant Week that takes...

Buy Local

What’s better than experiencing the ‘local’ flavor when traveling to a destination? When you visit Long Island’s Suffolk County, you’ll find lots of local-made goods and foods that are sure to interest your inner-epicurean. While here, visit our farm stands...

Interactive Map

For assistance planning your Long Island Culinary vacation, we’ve created this handy interactive map of Suffolk County, New York to help you locate favorite dining establishments, marinas, farm stands and the best wineries in Long Island. Select as few or...

Wineries, Breweries & Spirits

Long Island Craft Beverage Trail For those who enjoy finely-crafted beverages, Long Island, New York is paradise. With dozens Long Island brewery operations, fifty wineries and even a distillery that uses locally-grown potatoes, you’re sure to find your drink of...

Think Fresh

Long Island farm stands sell just-picked produce, local vineyards turn out award-winning wines, fresh-caught seafood adorns many a Suffolk County plate – even our very own Long Island potato chips are made right here in Suffolk County. From our local...