Famous Seafood, Poultry & More

Where better to get the freshest seafood than from Long Island’s Suffolk County? Surrounded by water, the region is known for its rich ocean bounty. From local stripers, flounder, bass and swordfish to locally harvested oysters and Peconic Bay scallops, the seafood on Long Island offers plenty of variety caught right off-shore.

Why not head out on your own fishing adventure aboard a private charter or party fishing boat. Or try your hand at surfcasting (NYS permit may be required).

Or if you prefer to sit back and relax while you savor the seafood on Long Island, find a great restaurant serving a meal that likely includes part of the morning’s catch.

Suffolk County is known for its abundant seafood and rich agricultural produce, but local livestock is also served at area restaurants.

One of the best known local raised livestock is Long Island Duck, also known as Pekin Duck. Once raised in abundance in Suffolk County, this pure white fowl is now raised in one location and is considered a local delicacy.

And in Riverhead, a special project to raise bison provides area restaurants with delicious beefalo at North Quarter farm, the only bison ranch on Long Island. You can also see the farm on Reeves Ave. It is served locally at Tweed’s restaurant in Riverhead.

And other farmers in the area are working with new delicacies such as Charolais at McCall Vineyard. Charolais is a historic breed of cattle that originated in France and central Europe. Many chefs consider it as the finest beef. At McCall Ranch in Cutchogue, they are raising a pure bred herd using organic and natural practices to make this beef available to the community.

Find local bacon, eggs, goat cheese and more at area farm stands.

In addition to these local epicurean delights, a number of local producers make everything from potato chips (North Fork Potato Chips) to cookies (Tate’s Cookies) and an abundance of locally made honey and jams.

Don’t miss out on the local produce, livestock and seafood on Long Island! Plan your culinary odyssey to Suffolk County today.