• ADDRESS: 12 Target Rock Rd., Huntington, NY 11743
  • PHONE: (631) 286-0485
  • REGION: North Shore / Heritage Trail

The Target Rock National Wildlife Refuge is located on the north shore of Long Island, 25 miles east of New York City.

It is believed the park got its name from a large rock there the British may have used for target practice during the Revolutionary War.

This 80-acre refuge is composed of mature oak-hickory forest, a half-mile rocky beach, a brackish pond, and several vernal ponds. The land and waters support a variety of songbirds (particularly warblers during spring migration), mammals, shorebirds, fish, reptiles and amphibians. During the colder months, diving ducks are common offshore, while harbor seals occasionally use the beach and nearby rocks as resting sites. NY State and Federally protected piping plover, least tern, and common tern depend on the Refuge’s rocky shore for foraging and rearing young.

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