With over 15 years in Information Technology, we have found one thing to be consistently true: the small and mid-sized business has been neglected. Left in the wake of expensive Enterprise tools and lacking full-time IT staff, these businesses have traditionally had to struggle to keep up with the technology trends of today. Now that Enterprises have locked down their networks, hackers are turning to the small and mid-sized business as a target for financial information and intellectual property with devastating results.

ShellProof Security strives to bring to Enterprise-grade cybersecurity to the small and mid-sized business, a feat it’s sister company, the ProActive Technology Group, accomplished for network infrastructure. We know that a single breach of your customer’s or partners’ data can be enough to put you out of business, which is why we will provide you with the resources and procedures to adequately protect against the toughest cyber foes. From assessments and compliance, all the way to constant network monitoring, we’re here to provide you painless piece of mind.