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Long Islands largest wildlife park and children’s zoo since 1970!

Come spend the day at Long Island Game Farm and learn about animals hands on. The park offers families a natural environment where they can learn about animals and nature through observation and education.

General admission includes petting zoo entrance into the Deer Park, the Nursery, and the new Wild Play Park, as well as the exotic and domestic animal stars. Many of the special resident animals have been rescued, rehabbed, and/or rehomed. You can see lemurs, tortoises, American bison, zebras, red foxes, servals, llamas, alpacas, Sicilian donkeys, and much more. Bobo the giraffe arrives mid May – mid October! Pony rides too.

Animal encounters and experiences are available through the website. 

Field trips and birthday party information available on the website.

Please practice Social Distancing for everyone’s safety.

For open hours see our website or social media sites.