Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson

We are one of Long Island’s hidden treasures, conveniently located 50 miles east of New York City. Combining beauty and history, the Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson offers picturesque seaside views and a rich maritime heritage.
Originally named “Drowned Meadow,” Port Jefferson became one of the largest shipbuilding towns in Suffolk County in the 1800’s. This harbor front town, with pristine beaches and charming architecture, is a growing tourist destination offering an array of unique shops and exceptional restaurants for visitors and residents alike.
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Along the shoreline is Harborfront Park and the Port Jefferson Village Center. With its magnificent harbor view, the community center serves as a hub of educational and social activities. Next door, the Maritime Explorium is a wonderful place of discovery and learning for the whole family. Near Harborfront Park is the PT Barnum ferry dock, one of two ports for access to Connecticut, making “Port Jeff” a popular weekend getaway.
The Village is also host to many exciting seasonal events, such as the 4th of July Parade and the annual Charles Dickens Festival. Each December, Port Jefferson is transformed into a 19th century holiday extravaganza.
So, whether you are a local resident or friendly visitor…remember, Port Jefferson is a destination for a day or a lifetime!