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Garvies Point Museum & Preserve, 50 Barry Drive, Glen Cove, N.Y. 516-571-8010 Long Island Expressway, Exit 39 N, follow Glen Cove Road about six miles to Glen Cove firehouse, then road signs to museum. The museum features exhibits and programs on the geology of Long Island and New York State and Native American Archeology. Visitors are provided an overview of the geological development of the region including how the drifting and collisions of ancient continents created the rocks and land features we see today. The formation of Long Island’s topography by Ice Age (Pleistocene) glaciers is shown in models and dioramas. Geological specimens as well as numerous Native American artifacts are also displayed. The museum’s classical dioramas of local Native American scenes are a highlight. The preserve shoreline on the east shore of Hempstead Harbor is noted for the outcrops of multi-clays of Cretaceous age that ooze from the base of the bluffs.