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Long Island Adventures: In With the New

July 31, 2014

While we cherish all that is old on Long Island, historical significance ranging from well-kept colonial landmarks to lavish mansions of the 1920s and beyond, there is something to be said about that which is new. This past summer has really seen to that! I am floored by the amount of events and attractions I find myself trying to squeeze in to a single weekend, as there are a bunch of new and exciting things happening on Long Island. Looking for adventure? Well there is plenty to be found, so here are a few pointers.

They’ve been set up for almost 10 years now in Eisenhower Park, but I.Fly Trapeze has a new location right on the beach! Learn how to fling yourself through the air down at Long Beach by taking some private lessons, or sit in for the general sessions they offer. The boardwalk was just refinished after sustaining some damage from hurricane Sandy, and it has never looked better! If you’re looking for something unique to do with friends and family, or even with your troop, group, or company staff, this is something to look in to.

It requires no prior experience to get in, teaches a range of trapeze techniques, and the boardwalk location brings with it nearby concessions like food trucks, changing rooms and bathrooms.  There are picnic tables nearby for when you are waiting or eating, a front row seat to watch all those who take on the challenge.  You can find out more about I.Fly here:

The Adventure Park at Wheatley Heights is another newly opened outdoor adventure that facilitates your ascent to greater heights! This place (featured in the image above) specializes in incredible suspended obstacle courses, including zip lines, swings and much more. You’re sure to feel safe and secure in the trees thanks to a system of synchronized carabiners that virtually eliminate the potential of a climber becoming detached from a safety line, making this perfect for kids ages 7 and up.

I had the opportunity to go to the Adventure Park on opening day with a few coworkers. While I was up struggling on the third tier of difficulties, set up very much like a ski resort with yellow, green, blue, black and double black courses, I watched groups of children fly from one tree to the next on the level below. There really was a wide variety of age groups, making this perfect for just about anyone who loves being up in high places. The team building potential, for example, is immense as each “element” or obstacle has multiple approaches and each person on a course will have the opportunity to learn and take instruction from those that took on the challenge before them. You can find out more about the Adventure Park here:

Part two will be up soon, including more new and exciting Long Island adventures!


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