Event Start: March 17, 2018

Event End: April 29, 2018

Time: 10am, 12 noon & 2pm

Admission Information: $25/Adults, $15/Children (Children under 5 yrs - FREE)

Phone: 516-521-7744

Location: Freeport Water Taxi & Tours

Address: 211 Woodcleft Avenue , Freeport, NY 11520


More and more every year, the harbor seals make their way into the cool, protected waters all along Long Island’s south shore. With no fear of predators, they are free to find mates and give birth to pups. 

Once the pups are large enough to travel, usually by the end of April, the seals start their migration back North for the Summer months.

We offer 2 hour Seal Watching/Wildlife Tours on weekends throughout October, November, March & April. We can  conduct private Seal Watching Tours 7 days a week during those months

Please Note: 

Harbor Seals are a Migratory Species that migrate into our area in large part due to water temperature and availability of food. We cannot know exactly when they will arrive or leave our area.