Fool the Eye: Optical Illusions Abound

Event Start: November 18, 2017

Event End: March 4, 2018

Time: From: 11:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Phone: (516) 484-9338

Location: Nassau County Museum of Art ,Saltzman Fine Art Building

Address: One Museum Drive, Roslyn Harbor, NY 11576

Region: North Shore

Optical Illusions Abound at Nassau County Museum of Art’s

Saltzman Fine Art Building

November 18, 2017-March 4, 2018

 Get ready to be amazed by an exhibition filled with optical illusions and artistic sleight of hand! To separate what’s real from what is a clever ruse in Fool The Eye, takes an alert eye and the willingness to examine art carefully. Enjoy the visual journey. Take a few steps to the right and observe, draw your conclusions about what you think you see. Then, a few steps to the left reveals a whole new image. The guesses multiply. Is it a flat surface or a sculpture? Is it a photograph or a painting? Is it made of wood or bronze, rubber or steel? Is it real or faux? Expect the unexpected through moments of fascination, intrigue, shock, and astonishment.

Fool the Eye, on view at Nassau County Museum of Art’s Saltzman Fine Arts Building from Saturday November 18, 2017 through March 4, 2018, challenges viewers to experience the wonder of masterfulartistictechniques. This exhibition includes examples of traditional trompe l’oeil (meticulously painted, hyper-real images) and a wide range of other approaches to illusion. See larger-than-life oversized objects, hypnotic geometric abstractions, sculptures made of unexpected materials, images with mind-bending impossibilities and fine art so seemingly realistic, they are (nearly) indistinguishable from real things. The magic will provoke debates in every gallery about reality and deception.

Artists throughout the ages have been intrigued by perceptual illusions, devising visual tricks to manipulate the perception of space, incorporating spatial illusion as an aspect of their art. Featured in this exhibition are 20th and 21st century artists whose work has explored illusion, including Salvadore Dali, Janet Fish, Audrey Flack, Jasper Johns, Judith Leiber, Roy Lichtenstein, Vik Muniz, Ben Schoenzeit, and Victor Vasarely. 


Guest curated by Franklin Hill Perrell with Debbi Wells, Fool The Eye is the latest exhibition at the Museum. Their previous collaborations for the Museum have included Feast for the Eyes (July 2016), The Moderns: Long Island Collects (July 2015) and Garden Party (March 2014).