Happy National Repeal Day, Long Island!

December 5th, 1933

Is the day that prohibition ended, and America was free to consume alcohol once again.  As an island on the Eastern Coast of the U.S., Long Island was primely situated to intercept ships holding the precious cargo of liquor from the Caribbean Islands during this infamous time for our Country.

Rum Row

Dubbed Rum Row, a “city” of ships sat just three miles off the coast of Long Island transacting in the illegal sale of liquor in International waters, avoiding the U.S. law.  These “bootleggers” would throw their cargo overboard, letting the cargo float onto shore with the incoming tide as Long Island recipients would wait on the shore for their goods to arrive.

The Rendezvous, Stony Brook

The busiest Long Island coastline was dubbed “The Rendezvous,” and today you can toast December 5th with a Rendezvous cocktail at the historic Country House and Mirabelle Tavern located in Stony Brook Village. The Rendezvous is an indulgent cocktail made with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum, A&W Root Beer and topped with Rum Raisin Ice Cream. Ask for the secret "Roaring Twenties" menu to sample cocktails from the glitzy era that played a big role in the making of Long Island's storied Gold Coast.

Dating back to 1700’s, both restaurants have a storied history of their own as featured stops on Long Island’s Washington Spy Trail.  Looking for more inspirational trip planning ideas? Check out these multi-day options and be sure to tag #discoverlongisland so we can follow along. Follow our curated video and audio storytelling adventures on Long Island TV and Long Island Tea for the inside scoop on why Long Island is the best place in the world to live, work and visit.  Happy adventuring!