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<div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Shinnecock Museum</div><div>Come explore Paumanauke, the Native American name for Long Island meaning ‘Land of Tribute.’  Find Native American sites, museums and annual PowWow celebrations.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Old Bethpage Village Restoration</div><div>Discover Long Island’s rich colonial history dating back to the mid-1600s. Visit Colonial-era homes, grist mills, windmills, and museums and learn about life before modern conveniences.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Lunar Module model at Cradle of Aviation</div><div>Discover scientific wonders and a rich history of innovations at museums dedicated to aviation, space exploration, railroads, transportation and more.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Montauk Lighthouse</div><div>Lighthouses, maritime and whaling museums display poignant exhibits revealing how early inhabitants made their living from the sea. </div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Old Westbury Gardens</div><div>Explore Gilded Age mansions and spectacular gardens that harken back to the turn-of-the-century ‘Gatsby-era.’</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Spirit of St. Louis</div><div>Explore Aviation history including Charles Lindbergh's historic flight from Roosevelt Field, Long Island to Paris in 1927.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Walt Whitman House</div><div>Visit the home of Walt Whitman, one of New York's most famous authors, and discover how he captured the spirit of 19th century America at the Interpretive Center.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Sagamore Hill</div><div>From George Washington’s famous visit to thank his supporters to President Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Summer Whitehouse’ at Sagamore Hill, visit sites of presidential importance.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Pollock Krasner House</div><div>Wander through the paint-splattered studio where Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock created some of his enduring masterpieces.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Sagtikos Manor</div><div>Explore the sites that tell the tale of the British occupation here and how George Washington’s ‘Spy Ring’ helped win the war.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Old Hook Mill</div><div>Find the greatest concentration of wooden ‘smock’ windmills on Long Island where 11 of these historic structures dot the landscape of the East End.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Oheka Castle</div><div>Long Island’s diverse landscape has made it a haven for film producers who’ve created some of the most memorable films and TV shows here.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Long Island Museum of Art, History and Carriages</div><div>Come see for yourself why so many creative people made Long Island their home. Explore a history rich with culture, innovation and the arts.</div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Lloyd Manor </div><div>Learn about Jupiter Hammon, America’s first published black poet who lived at Lloyd Manor, and other important African Americans on Long Island. </div> <div class="adv-custom-caption-title">Roadside Attractions</div><div>Take a gander at the Big Duck, one Long Island’s most famous roadside attractions, along with some other very unique figures along the way.</div>

Long Island’s Path Through History...

Come discover a rich Long Island history filled with fascinating tales of Early Settlers, Revolutionary War Spies, Maritime Adventures, and great advances in Science, Aviation and Transportation.

Explore famous Long Island historic sites including the homes of past presidents, poets and artists, including President Theodore Roosevelt, poet Walt Whitman and Abstract Expressionist Jackson Pollock, who lived on Long Island and were inspired to create some of their most memorable contributions to society here.

Visit popular Long Island historic sites related to Charles Lindbergh’s famous trans-Atlantic flight from Roosevelt Field, and see the model Lunar Module that engineers from Long Island’s Grumman Corp. worked to develop.

Explore the Gold Coast region, where the sheer brilliance of the mansions, castles and gardens (many now open to the public for tours) inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald to write The Great Gatsby.

There’s so much incredible Long Island history to be seen. From the first lighthouse built in NYS to historic wooden windmills, famous film sites, African American history, Native American sites, art museums and roadside attractions.

Create your own fascinating Path Through History with our Interactive map of Long Island historic sites.

Path Through History is a project of New York State and ILOVENY. Path Through History includes over 500 destinations across New York State. Visit http://paththroughhistory.ny.gov/